Sunday, December 6, 2009


Suddenly feel wanna have a cup of hot coffee so we when for Starbucks. me with mr ck
is me again

Large lattle with muffin

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Trip to Cameron

My favour strawberry ice stick
Winson,me and jming
Variety of flower so nice
Me and Mr CK
Tea Hill

Wah strawberry
Me taking photo in catus farm
The machine to produce "BOH" tea
Different favour of tea

Nice scenery

Me with strawberrt umbrella and ice stick

Few month i didnt update my blog.First last month busy with my final exam that why lack time to update my blog .I when Cameron last semester with Ck,Jming and also Winson. But this semester i dont think got this appoturnity already cause jming already withdraw from Utar and plan further her study in other university.How ever this was my first time when trip with my bf.For sure i feel very happy and excited. Early in the morning he call me, at that time i feel abit sleepy so continue sleep until second time he call me again say that he reach my hostel already. At that time i very rush so faster bath and prepare for trip. This trip i really enjoy and feel happy need to thanks my dear who suggest when Cameron during weekend to relax myself.Cause for the whole week in Kampar abit stress and tension. For assignment,report,presentation, and also mid term. We ate steamboat at Cameron cause i long time didn't eat steamboat in kampar already. The next day we when Ipoh with meow,may,Jessica,jming,winson,shin,pu yee and her bf total 10people to watched ice age3.This movie quite funny and nice. After movie me n ck when to having our supper(porridge) at ipoh while meow they all already when back and plan to Genting trip i didn't follow cause the next day still got class and feel abit tired. At last i would like to let the photo do the taking.

Kampar life

More then few month i didn't update my blog....This is because currently i using old laptop in Kampar which don't have blue tooth that why i cant transfer my picture from my mobile phone to laptop by using blue tooth.Moreover this few month abit busy with my new life in Kampar i need more time to suits myself in new environment which totally don't have any entertainment.Thus living life style at here abit bored lucky i manage to have several old friend from Penang they make my life in Kampar more memorable. Really thanks you all especially meow n may who willing to let me stay with them i really so happy and will appreciate. Therefor so happy can know few new friend who was jming,shin and also jessica(although same sch but both of us dun know each other)lol.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Kampar life

Recently i came to kampar main campus of utar to further my studies for bachelor of science construction management.The living lifestyle at here really suitable for study.But i not so satisfied with the weather at here,really super hot.Thus the university bus schedule always change without notice.and the service provided for student also not so good.Lucky i still got lot of friend in kampar if not i really dun know how to survive in kampar this terrible village lol

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Is me
Mr ck
His dessert mixed fruit
Mine honeydew

Most famous inside the pao got soup
Seafood friend mee nice i like it

As usual, when shoppingmall and searching for a restaraunt to having our dinner.At the end we choose Dragon-I it was quite nice and they served in big portion.After the main course we got our dessert. I feel not bad the taste but abit expensive.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy birthday Ivy

E-gate,Secret Recipe


Mango Delight
My brother with his gf while chosen whether wan to buy which cake for her i busy taking photo
Variety of cake

Happy belated birthday to ivy. It was late many cake shop already close. At the end we when e-gate secret recipe select cake for ivy cause was her birthday. Anyway I'm here wish u happy birthday wish you all the best and pretty always xD.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Wesak Day

Wesak Day,Penang Temple



This year Wesak Day as usual,when Hui Yin Se to pray and having lunch at there. After pray at there and donate some money for the temple.And this year my parent buy the candle lamp to make a wish. After that my dad suggest when one more temple which located opposite my secondary school Convent. At there we saw Penang state government Lim Guan Yin. At that time crowded by lot of people and traffic jamb thus no place for us to park. At the end my dad drop us down first after that he when to search for parking lot.

Make a wish